Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

PO Box 286, East Machias, Me  

David Grainger, Program Director  


                                                                  Work Application Form

Home Owner:______________________________________________________________________

Street Address: _________________________________  Mailing Address:

Town:  _______________________________  State:  _____   Zip Code:________________

Phone: (Day)_________________  (evening)___________________________                                       

Type Home: __Mobil/Modular __Frame __Brick __1Story __2 Story  __Other  Do You Own Home ________

Type of work requested: ___________________________________________________________________________________________




 Please read the following terms and check each one. 

__ I understand the signing this application does not insure that any or all work will be done.

__ I understand that many of the workers are young people with proper adult supervision.

__ Iunderstand that the work will be done at no expense to owner unless negotiated prior to beginning such work>

__ I understand that this project can be canceled at anytime by either party.

__ I understand that the work may require the work of more thatn one crew under the supervision of the Program Director.

__ I understand that the work may not be of the caliber of a professional contractor and work is not guaranteed.

__ I understand that Down East Maine Missions  has the rights to uto related information, pictures and videos .

__I understand that the owner or an adult representative be will be available for consultation during the project.

__ I and/or my family meet guidelines for low income assistance. (See below)

(Persons in household 1-$17655- 2-$23895, 3-$230135, 4-$36375 add $6240 for each additional person)  Maine LIHEAP guidelines. 


Home Owner Signature: ___________________________________Date:____________ 

NHN Approval Signature:_________________________________   Date:__________                                             

 Neighbors Helping Neighbors (NHN) is a program of Down East Maine Missions (DEMM)

NHN – 1

Mail to Down East Maine Missions, DEMM, PO Box 286, E Machias, ME 04630 or email to 

If you email form type your name in the signature block.

To use this form, copy then past to a word document, insert your personal and project info then send via email to


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10.11 | 08:53

NHN does volunteer home repair work during the summer. I shall send you an application for next summer, if you give me your mailing address or an email address

05.08 | 19:21

,y phone number is 207 263 7692 and ask for Danny

05.08 | 19:14

Hello i live in Marshfield. I am disabled due to cancer heart problems including surgeries My husband is also disabled. My home is 46 years The roof leaks

11.07 | 02:41

Please provide your phone number so I can contact you about looking at your proposed projects.

David Grainger, NHN Director

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