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Please feel free to contact us for more information or to make a donation to this Mission. For Donation please mail to DEMM, 251 Masons Bay Rd, Addison, Me 04606.

For info on programs contact: Migrate Ministries, Art Emerson at and for Neighbors Helping Neighbors (NHN) David Granger at .

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Latest comments

07.09 | 11:54

Imy looking for donations or materials it's about 800 Sq I need replaced.

07.09 | 11:53

I'm looking for help with replacing my carpets. It is in 2 rooms and a small hallway. Mymy family has breathing problems. 2 family members are disabled.

24.08 | 07:30

Please cancel the roofing request that I asked about!

15.08 | 14:31

To receive an application for roofing assistance, please reply with the contact information for your mother-in-law.