Migrant Ministries Program

Migrant Ministries

   The summer brings thousands of migrant workers to Maine for the annual bluebberry harvest. Most of these workers live in camps built and operated by local blueberry growers.

   This program coordnates visits by mission teams to different camps around Washington County Maine. Some camps are located miles deep in the wilderness of the blueberry barrens. These camps house a variety of workers from different countries, Mexico, Honduras El Salvador, Haiti and Guatamala tend to represent the majority of workers. Other camps are set up for local native tribes from arond Maine and Canada. The mission supplies material aid to all camps. Worship tends to be in the Spanish speaking camps.

In 2015 the Mission provided over 500 blankets, 500 Care kits, over 1000 pairs of pants, over 300 bibles and offered over 20 worship services in Spanish.

We have enjoyed taking visiting mission groups to the camps with us to help with worship and giving out supplies. During the 2016 season wil will have to limit number of individuals that join us in the camps. This is due to the need to respect the privacy of the migrant workers. By the time we visit they have had a long day of work and are preparing for meals and sleep. The response to our visits has been very good and we continue to expect attendance at services even as we show our respect for them, abd their hard days work.


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ori E. lewis | Reply 02.12.2017 19:33

I have 2 wool blankets,ethnic cloth dolls,some adult clothes,household items,what else do you need?

Lori E. Lewis | Reply 02.12.2017 18:59

I have 2 wool blankets and 9 ethnic cloth dolls for a boy or girl,embroidered face,a safe toy. and some clothes.

Art Emerson 03.12.2017 04:20

Thanks Lori,
We could use the blankets for migrant workers.

Where do you live.


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